Asked Questions

Re-Opening of National Borders for International Air Travel

  • 1.

    How do I get back into the system to upload my PCR test AFTER completing my application?
    We recommend that you begin your application once you have all of the information and documentation needed.

  • 2.

    How do I get back into the system if I was locked out BEFORE completing the application?
    If the application was not completed and no reference number obtained you will have to complete the process once again.

  • 3.

    Why do I have to repeat the entire application process each time I am kicked out?
    The system only saves information on completed applications. No partial or incomplete application is saved. It takes approximately 4 minutes to complete.

  • 4.

    Who will be required to quarantine?
    The following persons will be required to quarantine on arrival in Trinidad and Tobago:

    • Unvaccinated nationals
    • Unaccompanied unvaccinated minors
    • Unvaccinated minors accompanied by unvaccinated parents or guardians
    • All persons required to quarantine will need to do so for 14 days at a state supervised quarantine facility at their own expense.