Asked Questions

Re-Opening of National Borders for International Air Travel

  • 1.

    Can I complete my TTravelPass application over a period of time?
    No, the TTravelPass application must be completed in one instance/session to avoid any issues. Please ensure that you have your supporting documents; Negative COVID-19 PCR or Lab Acquired Antigen Test (Home Antigen tests will not be accepted) and proof of vaccination, ready for upload during the application process.

  • 2.

    How do I get back into the system if I was locked out BEFORE completing the application?
    If the application was not completed and no reference number obtained you will have to complete the process once again.

  • 3.

    Why do I have to repeat the entire application process each time I am kicked out?
    The system only saves information on completed applications. No partial or incomplete application is saved. It takes approximately 4 minutes to complete.

  • 4.

    Who will be required to quarantine?
    The following persons will be required to quarantine on arrival in Trinidad and Tobago:

    • Unvaccinated nationals
    • Unvaccinated minors accompanied by unvaccinated national parents or guardians
    • All persons required to quarantine will need to do so for 7 days at a state supervised quarantine facility at their own expense.

  • 5.

    Approved vaccine combinations

      Please visit the Ministry of Health’s website to view the WHO approved list of vaccines accepted in Trinidad and Tobago.

  • 6.

    State Supervised Quarantine list

    1. The Chancellor Hotel
      • Tel: 18686230883
      • WhatsApp: 18684665150
      • Email: lisa or
      • Website URL:
      • Facebook- thechancellorboutiquett
    2. Kapok Hotel
      • Tel: 868 622-5765
      • Email :
      • Website URL :
    3. Regent Star Hotel
      • Tel: 1 868 669 - 7000 or 1 868 669 - STAR (7827)
      • Email: reservationsmanager or
      • WhatsApp:1 868 -688- 6800
    4. Cascadia Hotel
      • Tel: 1-868-623-3518 or 1-868-235-4554
      • Email:
    5. Grafton Beach Resort
      • Tel: 1-868-283-2597
      • Email:

  • 7.

    What are the stipulations for passengers who have layovers and need to stay at a hotel?
    All passengers who are being landed for layovers should be vaccinated and thus can stay at any hotel of their choice, at the passenger’s expense.

  • 8.

    What are the guidelines for those persons who cannot be vaccinated according to doctor’s instructions?
    All unvaccinated persons will be subject to quarantine as per the national quarantine protocols.

  • 9.

    What are the language stipulations for vaccination cards?
    The COVID vaccine given should be in English but other parts of the card are not subject to this requirement

  • 10.

    What are the vaccination guidelines for embarkation of passengers in Transit Area for short time frames in between flights?
    Passengers who are in transit for a short period of time and who do not need to be landed to board the connecting flight are not subject to any vaccination requirement. However, anyone who needs to be landed in order to board a connecting flight needs to be vaccinated since they will be required to pass through immigration and traverse the airport terminal.

  • 11.

    What are guidelines for uploading my vaccination card and Negative COVID-19 PCR or Lab Acquired Antigen Test results?
    Please note that the cumulative size of both files to be uploaded during the TTravelpass application process, (Vaccination card and Negative COVID-19 PCR or Lab Acquired Antigen Test result) must be no larger than 10MB.

  • 12.

    Does the TTravelpass guarantee my entry to Trinidad & Tobago?
    The receipt of TTravel Pass does not guarantee access to the flight nor entry into Trinidad and Tobago. All travelers are still subject to the validation processes of the airlines and Border Control Authorities in Trinidad and Tobago.